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the suit

Award winning (awards are overrated), lots of internet radio airplay.  Acknowledged by VH1's Save the Music Foundation, the New Mexico Music Awards and released on the Guess Who's original Canadian Label.

Dave has been writing songs for over 30 years. After dovetailing his songwriting with heavy promotion, he continues to write, produce and promote his songs.


acoustic astronaut


You gotta stay true to your roots. Dave Alyassin, formerly of Racecar is putting together the best songs from his past and giving them new digs under the name Acoustic Astronaut.

"Mystical Ages" was the hit that put Dave on the proverbial music map.  There are some deeper tracks from his musical recordings that are being highlighted and re-released.  Stay tuned!

Celebrate the Love is definitely generating some buzz and getting attention on Soundcloud, Reverbnation & YouTube.